Designer Information

All designers are invited and welcome to join Athlete Originals.  We ask that everyone follows the Golden Rule, treat others the way you would expect to be treated, that’s with respect and common courtesy.


Here are our ground rules:

  • Be respectful to all members of the Athlete Originals community.
  • Do not criticize others.
  • If you are having an issue you cannot resolve one-to-one first, request help, before it escalates out of control
  • Do not post anything, derogatory or inappropriate comments, when in doubt refrain. 
  • You may not solicit business from our site for private business dealings.  If a client asks to work with you directly on future projects then we think that’s great.
  • Police yourself. You are responsible for making sure your work is original and does not infringe on copyrights, existing trademarks or the works of others


Submission Requirements:

  • No clipart  (Stockphotos, only if you have a license or have purchased it)
  • No tracing (exceptions include photography you own full copyrights to that you have not used before and will not use again OR the client owns full copyrights to the images and has provided it for your specific usage.)
  • One concept per submission (i.e., If you want to show your design concept in three different colors, upload three different submissions.)
  • Center the design (for viewing purposes make sure the work you submit is centered both horizontally and vertically with spacing all around
  • Image dimensions should be square. We recommend a size of no larger than 800 x 800 pixels. Submissions that are not square may be resized and might look "scrunched".
  • Project submissions should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.  Final artwork (if you win the project) may be required to be submitted in EPS, PDF or other formats as indicated on each project's page.


Note: If Athlete Originals feels the ground rules have been violated, you may be banned from participation on the site, but we would hate for that to be the case, so please play together nicely. Thank you!